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Argasi, Zakynthos, Ionian islands

Vardiola of Argasi

or Vardiola of Punta at Davia  
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Vardiola of Argasi
At the southeastern cape of the beach of Argasi in Zakynthos island
Region > Prefecture:   Greek Map
Ionian islands
Municipality > Town:
City of Zakynthos
• Argasi
Elevation ≈ 5 m 
Time of Construction   Origin
around 1768  
Castle Type   Condition
Rather Poor

The Vardiola of Argasi is located at the location Davia which is a picturesque cape of the beach of Argasi in Zakynthos.

Only two sides of the little tower are still standing.


About Vardiolas in general

The word “vardiola” originates probably from the word guardiola (a common castle term meaning guard or observatory from the Italian word “guarda”). It is used for the various watchtowers that the Venetians built on the coasts of the Ionian islands. There are vardiolas in Kythira, Cephalonia and Zakynthos. Some of them are included in Kastrologos. Probably, there are many more. We do not know (in this site) if the name “Vardiola” is used for watchtowers in other areas outside the Ionian islands.

The Vardiolas of Zakynthos have a very particular design: small dimensions, strong stone walls with a square-pyramid-shaped roof.

Most of the vardiolas in Zakynthos were constructed during the administration of the Venetian Proveditore (Governor) Claudio Gherardini who held this position during the period 1768-1770.


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