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Volissos, Chios, North Aegean

Tower of Damalas

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Tower of Damalas
South of Volissos in Chios island, on a hill above the fishport Limnia
Region > Prefecture:   Greek Map
North Aegean
Municipality > Town:
City of Chios
• Volissos
Elevation ≈ 52 m 
Time of Construction   Origin
around 15th century  
Castle Type   Condition
In Ruins

Remains of a small square tower on a hill above Limia.

“Limia” or “Limnia” is a small fishing port of northwestern Chios island. In the past, the small but well protected port might have been important and this justifies the contsruction of the tower there.

The Name of the Castle

Damalas” was probably the landowner. The presence of the prominent Damalas family (with both Orthodox and Catholic branches) has been reported in Chios since the 13th century.


The history of the tower is not known. It is reasonable to assume that it was built in the Genoan period of the island, maybe around the 15th century like the majority of the watchtowers of Chios.

This one however is not a typical watchtower (vigla) of Chios. Its primary purpose must have been the protection of the port.


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