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Daou Pentelis, Penteli, Eastern Attica,Attica

Tower of the monastery of Daou Pentelis

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Tower of the monastery of Daou Pentelis
At the gate of the monastery of Daou Penteli in eastern Attiki
Region > Prefecture:   Greek Map
Eastern Attica
Municipality > Town:
City of Penteli
• Daou Pentelis
Elevation ≈ 310 m 
Time of Construction   Origin
10th cent. or little late  
Castle Type   Condition

A well maintained Byzantine tower, part of the fortification of the Monastery of Daou Penteli.

The Monastery lies on the eastern slope of Penteli, on the road to Pikermi – Rafina, near a ravine. It is a monastic complex consisting of the katholikon, the cells, the Refectory, a fountain and a defense Byzantine tower in the entrance gate.

The post Byzantine katholikon is hexagonal, where the dome is supported on six pilasters. This church type is not usual in Greece. It is encountered in Armenia and Georgia.

The name Daou derives from a corruption of the initial name Tao which came from an engraved monogram with the letters T and Ω.

The Monastery was initially built in the 10th century. It is not known exactly when the tower was added to the complex. It is reasonable to assume that it was there from the early beginning.

The Monastery was destroyed in 1465 by the Turks and in 1680 by Algerian pirates, who slaughtered the 179 monks, whose heads and relics are displayed in a building of the monastic complex.


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Road map to Tower of the monastery of Daou Pentelis

Approach to the monument:
The Monastery is 30 km from Athens. Access from from the Marathon road.
Open daily from 7 am to 1pm and from 3 am to sunset. All day on Sundays and Holidays

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