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Feres, Alexandroupolis, Evros,East Macedonia & Thrace

Theotokos Kosmosteira

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Theotokos Kosmosteira
Feres, Thrace, Northern Greece
Region > Prefecture:   Greek Map
East Macedonia & Thrace
Municipality > Town:
City of Alexandroupolis
• Feres
Elevation ≈ 45 m 
(Relative Height≈0 m)
Time of Construction   Origin
Castle Type   Condition
Fortified Church  
Relatively Good

Kosmosoteira is certainly not a castle, not even a castle-monastery. But it is one of the most important Byzantine monuments in Greece.

The place qualifies for a castle for 2 reasons: a)There a few remains of fortifications in the yard and b) it was used, actually, for the protection of the people of the area against invaders (basically, Turks) in the 14th century.


Kosmosoteira was built probably in 1152 by the "Caesar" Isaakios Komnenos, third son of the emperor Alexios Komnenos.

It was a monastery until the middle of the 14th century. In 1355 the local population, seeking refuge inside the fortified walls of the momastery, forced the monks to leave.

Later, it was occupied by the Turks who converted it to a mosque which became the center of a prosprous community.

In 1940 it was restored and operates as a church again.


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Road map to Theotokos Kosmosteira

Approach to the monument:
The church is at the center of the small town of Feres, 28km from Alexandroupolis. Feres is on the NR from Alexandroupolis to Orestias (or to Turkish borders)
The church is usually open. The access to the yard is free.

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