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Grigoria, Faistos, Herakleion,Crete

Koules of Grammeni

or Koules of Grigoria or of Margarikari or of Lagolio  
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Koules of Grammeni
On a hill between the villages Grigoria and Magarikari, 4.5km north of Tympaki, Crete
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Municipality > Town:
City of Faistos
• Grigoria
Elevation ≈ 380 m 
Time of Construction   Origin
19th century  
Castle Type   Condition
Small Fort  
Not Good

One of the numerous little forts that the Ottomans built in the 19th century in order to control the interior highlands of Crete.


The Turks built several "Koules" in the Prefecture of Heraklion, mainly in the plain of Messara which was a strongly guarded area. The passages leading to it were all fortified with series of towers, so that Messara could not communicate with the neighboring areas.

In the small valley of Kamares - Grigoria - Magarikari were the Koules of Grammeni and the Koules of Kremastos. The first was built between Grigoria and Magarikari, next to the current road. It is in good condition, with almost all of its roof surviving. The Koules was probably central (Kisla) as it has big dimensions (25x11m) and was equipped with 24 battlements.

The location is prominent and naturally fortified. The Koules of Grammeni also hosted the residents of Magarikari in May 1944, while the Germans destroyed their village.


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