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Old Fortress of Corfu

or Fortezza  
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Old Fortress of Corfu
Region > Prefecture:   Greek Map
Ionian islands
Municipality > Town:
City of Corfu
• Corfu
Elevation ≈ 40 m 
Time of Construction   Origin
6th century  
Castle Type   Condition
Relatively Good

The historical center of Corfu is marked by two fortresses: along the east side there is the Old Fortress on the sea, while on the west side there is the New Fortress. In the past, the two fortresses of Corfu were linked by large walls.

The oldest of the two is obviously the Old Fortress which is built on a rocky peninsula with two characteristic hills, on the east side of the city.


In the 6th century, the old town of Corfu located at the Kanoni peninsula (the Paleopoli) was destroyed by invaders and the survivors decided to build again the town in a safer area.. Later the town has been protected by the creation of a fortress around it. That was the Old Fortress which covers completely the small peninsula at the east end of Corfu town.

The fortifications of the fortress have been constructed and modified during a long period of many centuries. The first major construction work was carried out by the Byzantines. During the first Venetian period he castle’ s penisnsula was converted to an island and in the second Venetian period the castle took its final form. This happened sometime in the 16th century.


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Road map to Old Fortress of Corfu

Approach to the monument:
From the city of Corfu.
Openς: daily 8.30-17.00 and May to September daily 8.00-19.00,
Ticket is required.

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