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Lechries, Chalkis, Euboea,Central Greece

Castle of Lechries

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Castle of Lechries
North of the deserted settlement Lechries, NE of Afrati in Euboea island
Region > Prefecture:   Greek Map
Central Greece
Municipality > Town:
City of Chalkis
• Lechries
Elevation ≈ 255 m 
(Relative Height≈20 m)
Time of Construction   Origin
Castle Type   Condition
In Ruins

Lechries is a deserted village 12km northeast of Afrati (near Chalkis), at the edge of a plateau surrounded by low hills. In the middle of the plateau there is a rock on which we find traces of fortification.

The fortification is definitely medieval without earlier (ancient) findings. All we know about it is than one Venetian map records a castle in this position named Leriche which cannot be other than Lechries. The chronology of the castle is uncertain. Maybe it was built sometime before the arrival of the Franks and was used in the Frankish period as well.

It was never an important or powerful stronghold. More likely, there was a small medieval settlement spread around the rock with this fortification for protection.

At a small distance from the rock there are the ruins of the church of Agios Vasileios beside a water spring.


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