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Amfipoli, Amfipolis, Serres,Central Macedonia

Tower of Marmari

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Tower of Marmari
East bank of Strymon river, on a hill at the entrance of Amfipolis, Central Macedonia
Region > Prefecture:   Greek Map
Central Macedonia
Municipality > Town:
City of Amfipolis
• Amfipoli
Elevation ≈ 20 m 
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Not Good

The tower is on a hill between the town of Amfipolis and river Strymon, overlooking the archaeological site of Amphipolis.


The tower was built in 1367 according to an inscription which now is in the museum of Amfipolis.

It was built by the lords Ioannis and Alexios who were high officials in Constantinople and owned lands in that area. Later, earlier than 1384, the tower was donated to the monastery of Pantocrator (in Athos mountain).

Structure, Fortification & Buildings

Today one floor is preserved and only one wall from the second floor. A very particular element of this tower is that it is constructed entirely of the ancient material from the nearby ancient city of Amfipolis.

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Road map to Tower of Marmari

Approach to the monument:
From Egnatia NR, exit Nea Kerdyllia. After the lion of Amfipolis (big statue) cross the bridge over Strymon river and follow direction to Serres-Drama. After a few kms, you see the tower on the road, before the entrance to the town of Amfipolis.
Due to restoration works, the visit is temporarily prohibited.

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