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Maroulas, Rethymno, Rhithymna,Crete

Tower of Maroulas I

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Tower of Maroulas I
At the center of the village Maroulas, 6km SE from Rethymno, Crete
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Municipality > Town:
City of Rethymno
• Maroulas
Elevation ≈ 240 m 
Time of Construction   Origin
Probably 16th century  
Castle Type   Condition
Tower House  

Maroulas is a village near Rethymno, in Crete, in 240m altitude. Although it is not one of the best known touristic destinations in the island, it is a very interesting medieval settlement, with all the proper characteristics: narrow streets, old buildings with crenelations, doors with heraldic shields, arched alleys etc. Moreover, there are two Venetian towers in the village.

One of the two towers, recorded in our site as Maroulas I, is at the center of the village. The other, Maroulas II, is located at the east side of the village and is smaller and more neglected.

The settlement was shaped during the Venetian period. In 1630, the Turks occupied the area and used the towers as military base. The towers remained in use until the 20th century. In 1922, the Greek refugees from Asia Minor were housed there. They were abandoned after WW II.

Initially there were 3 towers in Maroulas. The oldest one was Byzantine and does not exist any more.

"The Tower of Maroulas I", which is the subject of the current page, was built probably in the 16th century or a little earlier by the Venetians. It is 14m high and has three floors. It is at the center of the village and visible from a distance. It was probably the residence of a local noble.

The tower was renovated by the Municipality of Rethymno in the mid-90s.

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