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Pachia Ammos, Ierapetra, Rhithymna,Crete

Koules of Pachia Ammos

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Koules of Pachia Ammos
At the east side of the beach of Pachia Ammos of Lasithi at the north coast of Crete
Region > Prefecture:   Greek Map
Municipality > Town:
City of Ierapetra
• Pachia Ammos
Elevation ≈ 115 m 
Time of Construction   Origin
1866 or shortly after  
Castle Type   Condition
Small Fort  
Rather Poor

One of the many small forts -the so called “koules”- built by the Turks after 1886 following the outbreak of the Cretan revolution that year.

The “Isthmus of Ierapetra” is the narrowest part of Crete located in Lasithi with a lenght of 12km connecting the north coast to the south coast of the island.

The Ottomans built four koules in this strategic piece of land: in Pachia Ammos, in Vasiliki, in Episkopi and in Kentri.

The Koules of Pachia Ammos is located on a rocky hill at the eastern side of the beach of Pachia Ammos at the northern coast of Crete in Lasithi. Its dimensios are 8x6m and is divided in two spaces: one 2.5x3m and one 3x4m.

It had direct visual contact with the koules of Vasiliki to the south.


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