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Castle of Agios Nicholaos in Paxoi

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Castle of Agios Nicholaos in Paxoi
Islet of Saint Nicholas at the port of Gaios in Paxoi islands, north Ionian sea
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Ionian islands
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City of Paxoi
• Gaios
Elevation ≈ 10 m 
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Coastal Fortress  
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Gaios is the main port and the capital of Paxoi. The bay is protected by a small island where the ruins of a Venetian castle.


Paxoi became a Venetian occupation in 1381. Until then, it belonged to the Kingdom of Napoli. In 1423 the local Venetian lord Adam II San Ippolito asked the permission of the Venetian Senate to build a castle there, on his own expenses, in order to protect the little island complex from piracy. The permisson was granted and the castle was built.

The castle secured the peace in the island and a long period of prosperity followed, the main characteristic of which was the olive oil production.

The Venetians stayed until 1797 and were replaced by the French. After some troubled decades, Paxoi were occupied by the British in 1814. The castle of Agios Nicolaos was captured without a battle. The Greek national hero Theodoros Kolokotronis took part in the operation as an officer (major) of the British army, under the commands of the philellene Richard Church.

Structure, Fortification & Buildings

What remains from the castle today are some parts of the walls, a water-tank, the arsenal, a watchtower and some canons. There are also two churches: St Nicholas and St John.

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Road map to Castle of Agios Nicholaos in Paxoi

Approach to the monument:
By boat from the port of Gaios.
Visit to the island only by permission of the Municipality of Paxoi.

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