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Polyneri, Igoumenitsa, Thesprotia,Epirus

Acropolis of Polyneri

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Acropolis of Polyneri
Polyneri (or Koutsi) in Thesprotia, Epirus, very close to Syvota
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City of Igoumenitsa
• Polyneri
Elevation ≈ 285 m 
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Fortified Settlement  
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Polyneri is one of the rare cases -worldwide- of a location which is inhabited from the Paleolithic period until today. Amongst the remains of the various periods, the ruins of a small medieval castle. It was probably built in the late Roman period but it was in use by the Byzantines too.

Nothing more is known for the history of the castle and the location in general.


The fortified settlement of Polyneri (Koutsi) in the vincinity of Syvota is located on the eastern side of mount Vrahonas, overlooking the coastal valley of Plataria.

There is no historical data or sources informing us of the fortified settlement’s course through history. Its establishment probably dates back to the 4th century BC, along with the creation of the majority of settlements in Thesprotia; it survived during the Hellenistic period and was –in all probability- destroyed together with the other Epirus cities by the Romans in 167 BC, following the defeat of Perseus in Pydna.

At about that point in time –or perhaps slightly later- a small triangular castle (that appears to have been used during the Byzantine years as well) is constructed in the north-western corner of the ancient settlement. In more recent years, the settlement extended outside the walls as well.


  • Theodora Lazou, Historian- Archaeologistς/ article in the Website ΟΔΥΣΣΕΥΣ - of the Greek Ministry of Culture Polyneri (Koutsi)

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