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Psachna, Dirfys-Messapia, Euboea,Central Greece

Castle of Psachna

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Castle of Psachna
On a hill 2 km north of the town Psachna of Evia island
Region > Prefecture:   Greek Map
Central Greece
Municipality > Town:
City of Dirfys-Messapia
• Psachna
Elevation ≈ 250 m 
Time of Construction   Origin
9th century  
Castle Type   Condition
In Ruins

Few remains of a castle on a hill 2 km north of the town Psachna of Evia, in a location with strategic advantages and good natural protection.

The castle was created probably by the Byzantines in the 9th century. A settlement, “Palia Psacha” (old Psachan) was developed around it, as the population moved there from the nearby ancient Messapia which was more exposed to raids.

During Frankokratia (Frankish occupation in the 13th and 14th century) the fortification was reinforced. When the Venetians became the rulers of the region (late 14th to 15th century) the settlement thrived and expanded.

The castle was captured by the Turks in 1470 and was destroyed. According to the legend, an old gypsy lady showed to the enemy the secret passages under the hill to the castle.


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Road map to Castle of Psachna

Approach to the monument:
Halfway on the country road Psahna-Kontodespoti turn right to a dirt road. After 850m, at the end of it, turn left and fet to the path after 65m. After walking up 280m you reach the 'gate' of the castle.
Free access

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