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Krini, Patra, Achaea,West Greece

Sidirokastro in Achaea

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Sidirokastro in Achaea
On a peak of mount Panachaikon, across Omblou monastery, between Krini & Kallithea
Region > Prefecture:   Greek Map
West Greece
Municipality > Town:
City of Patra
• Krini
Elevation ≈ 675 m 
(Relative Height≈300 m)
Time of Construction   Origin
13th century (?)  
Castle Type   Condition
Rather Poor

The castle is almost completely destroyed. It is on a steep rock opposite to the monastery of Omblou, on the western slopes of Panachaikon mountain.

It is located at the eastern edge of a territory of Achaea named Zoitada. This territory is between the castle, the monastery and the villages Krini and Kallithea. It is of strategic importance because it controls the passage from Patra to Kalavryta. The passage -and the road- was in use from the Mycenaean period until 1886 when the road Patra-Kalavryta was constructed.

The Name of the Castle

The castle is known as Castel de Ferro in historical sources, the Greek translation of which is “Sidirokastro”.

The name perhaps came from the iron-rich rocks of the mountain. The color of the rocks (red because of the iron) is the cause of an alternative name: “Kokino Vouno”(Red Mountain).

According to another theory for the origin of the name, it originated from the iron gate of the castle. This gate later was used as the gate of the monastery of Omblou.

The French Expedition refers to it as Kastro of Vodia (Blouet).


In 1364, it belongs to the Bishop of Patras (who was also the lord of the barony of Patra). The name also is recorded in the 1408, 1463, 1476 and 1471 lists.

Within the ruins, two metal guns were found, which were immured in the walls.


  • Photos and info by Tony Esopi, from WIKIPEDIA COMMONS Sidirokastro

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Road map to Sidirokastro in Achaea

Approach to the monument:
The approach to the castle is difficult. From Krini, it is 10 km trekking , the last 2km on a very steep slope (70%).
Free access

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