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Skiathos, Skiathos, Magnesia,North Aegean

Bourtzi of Skiathos

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Bourtzi of Skiathos
On a small peninsula of the port of Skiathos island in North Aegean
Region > Prefecture:   Greek Map
North Aegean
Municipality > Town:
City of Skiathos
• Skiathos
Elevation ≈ 7 m 
Time of Construction   Origin
after 1207  
Castle Type   Condition
Piles of stones & Ruins  
Few Remains

Bourtzi is a hill on a small peninsula that divides the port of Skiathos in two parts. A venetian castle existed once in this peninsula. Nothing remains today except from some traces of the walls.


The castle was built by the Gyzi family, the Venetian nobles who became the rulers of the island after 1207 in the aftermath of the 4th Crusade and the Fall of Constantinople in 1204. It was the center of the island until 1360 when the population moved to to the castle of Skiathos that offered better security against pirate raids.

At that period, Skiathos became again a Byzantine possession. After 1453 (and the end of Byzantium) the Venetians came back and stayed until 1538 when the island was looted by Hairedin Barbarossa.

The Venetians made a short come-back in 1660. It was then that the castle was destroyed completely after bombardment by the fleet of Francesco Morosini.


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