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Tatoi, Acharnes, Eastern Attica,Attica

Old Tower of Tatoi

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Old Tower of Tatoi
Inside the Tatoi (ex) Royal estate, in the forest, around 800m east of the old summer palace
Region > Prefecture:   Greek Map
Eastern Attica
Municipality > Town:
City of Acharnes
• Tatoi
Elevation ≈ 480 m 
Time of Construction   Origin
14th (?)  
Castle Type   Condition
In Ruins

Remains of a medieval tower inside to royal estate of Tatoi, north of Athens and north of Menidi, inside a densely wooded area.

We do not know the time of construction. Maybe it was a Frankish watchtower like other similar towers in Attica and Viotia.

The tower has a square layout with 6.25m sides and is 6.35m high with two storeys. The initial height must have been around 10m in 3 storeys.

There is no entrance in ground level, only a small opening 2m from the ground.


  • Information sent by Mr. Ioannis Dedes
  • M. K. Langdon, (survey 1986), The Mortared Towers of Central Greece: An Attic Supplement, The Annual of the British School at Athens, Vol. 90, Centenary Volume (1995), pp. 481

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Road map to Old Tower of Tatoi

Approach to the monument:
Free access but difficult due to the vegetation

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