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Tolofon, Dorida, Phocis,Central Greece

Tower of Tolofon

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Tower of Tolofon
On a seaside hill at Tolofon, near Eratini, in Sterea Hellas
Region > Prefecture:   Greek Map
Central Greece
Municipality > Town:
City of Dorida
• Tolofon
Elevation ≈ 10 m 
Time of Construction   Origin
13th or 14th century  
Castle Type   Condition
In Ruins

Few remains of a medieval tower on a low hill near the beach of the village Tolofon at the coast of Focis region.


The tower is at the foot of a hill atop of which there is an ancient acropolis inhabited from the Mycenaean times until the Hellenistic period.

Previously, it was believed that the ancient town was Tolofon. Nowadays, it is known that Tolofon was at a different location (though not far) so the ancient name is now not clear. Perhaps here was the ancient “Oiantheia”.

The tower was built many centuries after the abandonment of the ancient city. It is certainly medieval and probably Frankish built in the 13th or 14th century. There are no solid indications about its exact chronology.

Structure, Fortification & Buildings

The dimensions of the tower are 13m x 10m. The height of the remaining walls does not exceed 1.5m.

The builders of the tower used material from the ancient acropolis of the top of the hill (spolia).


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