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Paleochori, Pangaio, Kavala,East Macedonia & Thrace


or Castle of Paleochori or Castle of Alexander  
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On a hill above the village Paleochori close to Kavala, East Macedonia
Region > Prefecture:   Greek Map
East Macedonia & Thrace
Municipality > Town:
City of Pangaio
• Paleochori
Elevation ≈ 305 m 
(Relative Height≈140 m)
Time of Construction   Origin
4th century BC  
Castle Type   Condition
Not Good

The Name of the Castle

The name of the castle comes from the Byzantine general Alexios Vranas who, in the 12th century reactivated the castle. Before that was known as the castle of Alexander the Great because of its ancient Macedonian origin.


The castle was built by the Macedonians for the protection of the gold mines in the region. When the gold ran out, the castle declined. In the Roman period it was a unsignificant military outpost.

In 1185, in response to raids by the Serbs, the Byzantines decided to activate several abandoned castles in East Macedonia, including this one.

The castle remained avctive until 1383 when the Turks, who were storming the Balkans, captured it and destroyed it. According to the tradition, the siege of the castle lasted 40 years.

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Road map to Vranokastro

Approach to the monument:
From Kavala, follow the old NR to Eleftheroupolis. Turn right to "Serres-Nikisiana". After 5 km turn and enter to Palaiochori. Go towards the mountain (asking, no road-signs). When the road ends, a 40 min walk to the top is necessary.
Free Entrance

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