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Charakas, Monemvasia, Laconia,Peloponnese

Paliochora of Charakas

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Paliochora of Charakas
On a rocky coastal hill east of the village Charakas of Laconia on the SE coast of Peloponnese
Region > Prefecture:   Greek Map
Municipality > Town:
City of Monemvasia
• Charakas
Elevation ≈ 585 m 
Time of Construction   Origin
13th century  
Castle Type   Condition
Fortified Settlement  
In Ruins

A fortified byzantine settlement on a rock above the Myrtoan sea.


The first fortification on the rock appeared in the 9th century when a naval observatory of the Byzantines was built there to survey the activity of the Saracen pirates, especially those based in Crete.

Later, a settlement was developed there which existed from the 13th until the 17th century. The settlement was known as “Charakas” at least since the 16th century.

The place was abandoned during the 6th Turkish-Venetian war (1684-1699) when the population moved to the main village of the territory, Kremasti. After the war, the population moved permanently to the location of the modern village with the same name.

Old Charakas became known as Paliochora. There are ruins of walls, one tower, two unnamed churches, cisterns, various buildings and the renovated chapel of Profitis Elias with frescos dated from the late 14th-early 16th century.

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