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The Greek Castles by Historic Origin

The «Historic Origin» is defined by the rulers of the castle in the historic period in which the castle obtained its current form, the one that is more or less preserved until today.


Castles that were built in Dodecanese by the knights of the Order of Saint John after the conquest of Rhodes and other islands in 1309
 Castle of KremastiCastle of Kremasti
 Tower of GlyfadaTower of Glyfada
 Castle of MessariaCastle of Messaria
 Kastelli of KefalosKastelli of Kefalos
 Castle of KattaviaCastle of Kattavia
 Castle of SiannaCastle of Sianna
 Parletia castleParletia castle
 Castle of LambrosCastle of Lambros
 Castle of Mikro Chorio of TelosCastle of Mikro Chorio of Telos
 Castle of EmporeiosCastle of Emporeios
 Tower of DrakissaTower of Drakissa
 Agriosykia CastleAgriosykia Castle
 Tower of AmartosTower of Amartos
 Castle of ApolakkiaCastle of Apolakkia
 Tower of the Archagelos isletTower of the Archagelos islet
 Tower of DimiliaTower of Dimilia
 Fort of VokkoliaFort of Vokkolia
 Castle of FeraclosCastle of Feraclos
 Castle of AlimiaCastle of Alimia
 Kymisala towerKymisala tower
 Kastellorizo CastleKastellorizo Castle
 Kritikou TowerKritikou Tower
 Castle of KefalosCastle of Kefalos
 Castle of SymiCastle of Symi
 Castle of Megalo ChorioCastle of Megalo Chorio
 Monolithos CastleMonolithos Castle
 Mandraki CastleMandraki Castle
 Castle of ArchaggeloCastle of Archaggelo
 Castle of AsclipieioCastle of Asclipieio
 Castle of HalkiCastle of Halki
 Fortress of Agios NicolaosFortress of Agios Nicolaos
 Chrysocheria CastleChrysocheria Castle
 Castle of KritiniaCastle of Kritinia
 Neratzia CastleNeratzia Castle
 Acropolis of LindosAcropolis of Lindos
 Palace of the Grand MasterPalace of the Grand Master
 Medieval Town of RhodesMedieval Town of Rhodes