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The Greek Castles by Historic Origin

The «Historic Origin» is defined by the rulers of the castle in the historic period in which the castle obtained its current form, the one that is more or less preserved until today.


Castles that were built during the Venetian rule which started after the Fall of 1204 and in some areas lasted as long as the beginning of 18th century
 Ellinopyrgos of ZarkaEllinopyrgos of Zarka
 Tower of LihadaTower of Lihada
 Tower of MistrosTower of Mistros
 Castle of OreoiCastle of Oreoi
 Tower of PapanikolaouTower of Papanikolaou
 Tower of PetritsaTower of Petritsa
 Tower of PissonasTower of Pissonas
 Tower of SirinaTower of Sirina
 Palaiopyrgos of SteniPalaiopyrgos of Steni
 Tower of TharouniaTower of Tharounia
 Tower of TsoukaTower of Tsouka
 Paliokastro of VitalaPaliokastro of Vitala
 Tower of VounoiTower of Vounoi
 Tower of Ano KourouniTower of Ano Kourouni
 Tower of KoiliTower of Koili
 Tower of AmfitheaTower of Amfithea
 Burtzi of AvlidaBurtzi of Avlida
 Bezas TowerBezas Tower
 Tower of Dystos AcropolisTower of Dystos Acropolis
 Tower of FaraklaTower of Farakla
 Tower of AidipsosTower of Aidipsos
 Tower of KipiTower of Kipi
 Tower of GymnoTower of Gymno
 Foklore Museum of ChalkisFoklore Museum of Chalkis
 Tower of KoutoumoulaTower of Koutoumoula
 Tower of TrachiliTower of Trachili
 Tower of KamaritsaTower of Kamaritsa
 Tower of KadiTower of Kadi
 Venetian Tower of AliveriVenetian Tower of Aliveri
 Bourtzi of KarystosBourtzi of Karystos
 Two TowersTwo Towers
 Tower of AvlonariTower of Avlonari
 Tower of VasilikoTower of Vasiliko
 Tower of PolitikaTower of Politika
 Castle of ApokoronasCastle of Apokoronas
 Tower at VarsamakiaTower at Varsamakia
 Thodorou FortsThodorou Forts
 Castle of SelinosCastle of Selinos
 Kasteli of KissamosKasteli of Kissamos
 Vigla of AroniVigla of Aroni
 Sfakia FortressSfakia Fortress
 Souda FortressSouda Fortress
 Firka FortressFirka Fortress
 Gramvousa FortressGramvousa Fortress
 Venetian Walls of ChaniaVenetian Walls of Chania
 Kokinos Pyrgos of FodeleKokinos Pyrgos of Fodele
 Koules Fodele at KoprokefalaKoules Fodele at Koprokefala
 Castle of VitsiliaCastle of Vitsilia
 Tower of StergianosTower of Stergianos
 Church Of St. George of FalandraChurch Of St. George of Falandra
 Fortress of TholoiFortress of Tholoi
 Tower of StamnoiTower of Stamnoi
 Castle of CharakasCastle of Charakas
 Kavalos TowerKavalos Tower
 Paleokastro of MalevizioPaleokastro of Malevizio
 Koules CastleKoules Castle
 Venetian Walls of HeraclionVenetian Walls of Heraclion
 Vigla of AforesmenosVigla of Aforesmenos
 Castle of Agios StefanosCastle of Agios Stefanos
 Tower of AmbelaTower of Ambela
 Vigla at Yialou KefaliVigla at Yialou Kefali
 Liopetro FortressLiopetro Fortress
 Monte Forte FortressMonte Forte Fortress
 Kornaros TowerKornaros Tower
 Tower of VainiaTower of Vainia
 Kales of IerapetraKales of Ierapetra
 Casarma CastleCasarma Castle
 Tower of GiannoudiTower of Giannoudi
 Tower of Maroulas IITower of Maroulas II
 Tower of Maroulas ITower of Maroulas I
 Fortezza of RethymnoFortezza of Rethymno
 Castle of PargaCastle of Parga
 Castle of IgoumentitsaCastle of Igoumentitsa
 Tower of GaroufaTower of Garoufa
 Fortress of OthoniFortress of Othoni
 Castle of Agios Nicholaos in PaxoiCastle of Agios Nicholaos in Paxoi
 New Fortress of CorfuNew Fortress of Corfu
 Vardiola of AtherasVardiola of Atheras
 Basilica of FiscardoBasilica of Fiscardo
 Vardiola of KoutsoupiaVardiola of Koutsoupia
 Vardiola at Piniatoros’ propertyVardiola at Piniatoros’ property
 Assos FortressAssos Fortress
 Saint George CastleSaint George Castle
 Castle of KalamosCastle of Kalamos
 Vardiola of Agios NikolaosVardiola of Agios Nikolaos
 Vardiola at AkrotiriVardiola at Akrotiri
 Vardiola of ArgasiVardiola of Argasi
 Vardiola of KypseliVardiola of Kypseli
 Vardiola in Mikro NisiVardiola in Mikro Nisi
 Peluso towerPeluso tower
 Vardiola in TsiliviVardiola in Tsilivi
 Fortress of ZakynthosFortress of Zakynthos
 Castle of Skala of FisiniCastle of Skala of Fisini
 Kokoreiki and Rafteiki PouliaKokoreiki and Rafteiki Poulia
 Tower of Metamorphosis at TseloTower of Metamorphosis at Tselo
 Castle of KaryaCastle of Karya
 Tower of Iria at St NicholaosTower of Iria at St Nicholaos
 Fortress of DrepanonFortress of Drepanon
 Castle of Nea EpidavrosCastle of Nea Epidavros
 Fortress of DaskalioFortress of Daskalio
 Venetian fortifications of Mt. OneiaVenetian fortifications of Mt. Oneia
 Fortress at Ovrios isletFortress at Ovrios islet
 Vigla at FinikoundaVigla at Finikounda
 Vigla at MemiVigla at Memi
 Kastraki of VounariaKastraki of Vounaria
 Fort of PeraFort of Pera
 Castle of KoroniCastle of Koroni
 Methoni CastleMethoni Castle
 Castle of KephalosCastle of Kephalos
 Tower of OstodosiaTower of Ostodosia
  Castle of Parikia Castle of Parikia
 Paleokastro of IosPaleokastro of Ios
 Castle of GhiziCastle of Ghizi
 Castle of SerifosCastle of Serifos
 Castle of Kastro of SifnosCastle of Kastro of Sifnos
 Castle of SkarosCastle of Skaros
 Tower of SkeponiTower of Skeponi
 Tower of SommaripaTower of Sommaripa
 Castle of AntiparosCastle of Antiparos
 Fort of Agios Georgios ValsamitisFort of Agios Georgios Valsamitis
 Tower of VivlosTower of Vivlos
 Citadel of OiaCitadel of Oia
 Castle of SchoinousaCastle of Schoinousa
 Castle of ExombourgoCastle of  Exombourgo
 Castle of AmorgosCastle of Amorgos
 Castle of FaneromeniCastle of Faneromeni
 Fragkopoulos-Dellarocca TowerFragkopoulos-Dellarocca Tower
 Glezos TowerGlezos Tower
 Tower of Goulas in EmporioTower of Goulas in Emporio
 Kasteli of PyrgosKasteli of Pyrgos
 Castle of KimolosCastle of  Kimolos
 Kasteli of AkrotiriKasteli of Akrotiri
 Kasteli of EmporeioKasteli  of Emporeio
 Apano Kastro of NaxosApano Kastro of Naxos
 Lower Castle of AndrosLower Castle of Andros
 Naxos CastleNaxos Castle
 Fort of NaousaFort of Naousa
 Castle of VoladaCastle of Volada
 Castle of AstypalaiaCastle of Astypalaia
 Monastery of Agia Triada of GatzeaMonastery of Agia Triada of Gatzea
 Bourtzi of SkiathosBourtzi of Skiathos
 Castle of PteleosCastle of Pteleos
 Castle of SkopelosCastle of Skopelos
 Tower of Agia Paraskevi monasteryTower of Agia Paraskevi monastery
 Castle of VonitsaCastle of Vonitsa
 Castle of NafpaktosCastle of Nafpaktos
Piraeus & Islands
 Vigla of St George of the MountainVigla of St George of the Mountain
 Vardiola of Agios Ioannis TheologosVardiola of Agios Ioannis Theologos
 Castle of TseleviniaCastle of Tselevinia
 Forts of Mandraki in HydraForts of  Mandraki in Hydra
 Tower of MarcellosTower of Marcellos
 Castle of AvlemonCastle of Avlemon
 Castle of MylopotamosCastle of Mylopotamos
 Castle of Chora of KythiraCastle of Chora of Kythira