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The Greek Castles by Historic Origin

The «Historic Origin» is defined by the rulers of the castle in the historic period in which the castle obtained its current form, the one that is more or less preserved until today.


Castles that were built by the Genoans after the capture of the island of Chios in 1346 and their domination in the North Agean
 Bonifacio fortressBonifacio fortress
 Castel NuovoCastel Nuovo
 Kasteli MylopotamouKasteli Mylopotamou
 Monopari FortressMonopari Fortress
 Fonias TowerFonias Tower
 Tower at MesimvriaTower at Mesimvria
 Towers of PaleopolisTowers of Paleopolis
 Castle of PotamosCastle of Potamos
 Castle of SamothrakiCastle of Samothraki
 Pyrgari of ZyfiasPyrgari of Zyfias
 Vigla of LagadaVigla of Lagada
 Vigla of Agia MarcellaVigla of Agia Marcella
 Megali ViglaMegali Vigla
 Vigla at NepagosVigla at Nepagos
 Vigla of Agios NikitaVigla of Agios Nikita
 Tower of OlymboiTower of Olymboi
 Vigla of PetasosVigla of Petasos
 Tower of PiramaTower of Pirama
 Vigla at PrionasVigla at Prionas
 Tower of PyrgiTower of Pyrgi
 Vigla at StroviliVigla at Strovili
 Tower of Agios Georgios SykousisTower of Agios Georgios Sykousis
 Tower of TamarkouTower of Tamarkou
 Vigla of VerkosVigla of Verkos
 Vigla of VroulidiaVigla of Vroulidia
 Vigla of ChrysolioVigla of Chrysolio
 Vigla of KomiVigla of Komi
 Vigla at KefaliaVigla at Kefalia
 Vigla of Agia EiriniVigla of Agia Eirini
 Vigla of AvloniaVigla of Avlonia
 Vigla of BroukiaVigla of Broukia
 Castle of DafnonasCastle of Dafnonas
 Tower of DamalasTower of Damalas
 Vigla of DidymesVigla of Didymes
 Vigla of Agia DynamiVigla of Agia Dynami
 Vigla of EmporioVigla of Emporio
 Castle of Palios KatarraktisCastle of Palios Katarraktis
 Vigla of GadarasVigla of Gadaras
 Kammenos PyrgosKammenos Pyrgos
 Vigla KaminakiVigla Kaminaki
 Vigla of PachiVigla of Pachi
 Vigla of Agia EleniVigla of Agia Eleni
 Castle of ApolichnoiCastle of Apolichnoi
 Vigla of TrachiliVigla of Trachili
 Vigla of LivadiVigla of Livadi
 Castle of KardamylaCastle of Kardamyla
 Dotia TowerDotia Tower
 Vigla of ElindaVigla of Elinda
 Castle of VolissosCastle of Volissos
 Tower of PityousTower of Pityous
 Castle of ChiosCastle of Chios
 Tower of AmbelikoTower of Ambeliko
 Tower of LisvorioTower of Lisvorio
 Paliopyrgos of VrisaPaliopyrgos of Vrisa
 Castle of MithymnaCastle of Mithymna
 Castle of MytiliniCastle of Mytilini
 Genoan CastleGenoan Castle