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Isolated towers which are the remaining part of a larger fortification or have been independent structures for multiple uses (observatories, bastions, forts, houses)
 Tower of Anthussa - YmittosTower of Anthussa - Ymittos
 Tower of Adrianou streetTower of Adrianou street
 Two TowersTwo Towers
 Tower of VasilikoTower of Vasiliko
 Tower of AvlonariTower of Avlonari
 Tower of PolitikaTower of Politika
 Tower of TrachiliTower of Trachili
 Tower of RoviesTower of Rovies
 Venetian Tower of AliveriVenetian Tower of Aliveri
 Tower of KoutoumoulaTower of Koutoumoula
 Tower of KamaritsaTower of Kamaritsa
 Tower of KadiTower of Kadi
 Tower of GymnoTower of Gymno
 Palaiopyrgos of SteniPalaiopyrgos of Steni
 Tower of TharouniaTower of Tharounia
 Bezas TowerBezas Tower
 Tower of TriadaTower of  Triada
 Tower of TsoukaTower of Tsouka
 Tower of AmfitheaTower of Amfithea
 Paliokastro of VitalaPaliokastro of Vitala
 Tower of VounoiTower of Vounoi
 Tower SkounteriTower Skounteri
 Tower of SirinaTower of Sirina
 Tower of Dystos AcropolisTower of Dystos Acropolis
 Tower of KipiTower of Kipi
 Tower of Ano KourouniTower of Ano Kourouni
 Tower of LihadaTower of Lihada
 Tower of GerovounoTower of Gerovouno
 Tower of MistrosTower of Mistros
 Tower of AidipsosTower of Aidipsos
 Tower of PapanikolaouTower of Papanikolaou
 Tower of PetritsaTower of Petritsa
 Tower of FaraklaTower of Farakla
 Ellinopyrgos of ZarkaEllinopyrgos of Zarka
 Tower of LilaiaTower of Lilaia
 Tower of Madamia in PolydrosoTower of Madamia in Polydroso
 Tower of TolofonTower of Tolofon
 Acropolis of AchinosAcropolis of Achinos
 Tower of AmfikleiaTower of Amfikleia
 Tower of KynosTower of Kynos
 Tower of Saint OmerTower of Saint Omer
 Tower of AliartosTower of Aliartos
 Tower of SiziTower of Sizi
 Tower of TanagraTower of Tanagra
 Tower of TatizaTower of Tatiza
 Round Tower of ThisviRound Tower of Thisvi
 Ancient tower of ThisviAncient tower of Thisvi
 Tower of ThourioTower of Thourio
 Castle of VervasCastle of Vervas
 Tower of AkontioTower of Akontio
 Tower of PyrgosTower of Pyrgos
 Tower of PyliTower of Pyli
 Tower of PlataeaTower of Plataea
 Tower of ParorioTower of Parorio
 Tower of ParalimniTower of Paralimni
 Medieval tower of PanopeasMedieval tower of Panopeas
 Medieval tower of PanaktonMedieval tower of Panakton
 Tower of KoroniaTower of Koronia
 Tower of AskriTower of Askri
 Tower of YpsilantiTower of  Ypsilanti
 Tower of MarianaTower of Mariana
 Tower of GalatistaTower of Galatista
 Tower of SaniTower of Sani
 Tower of FokeaTower of Fokea
 Krouna TowerKrouna Tower
 Tower of Madem AgaTower of Madem Aga
 Tower of KoutsakiTower of Koutsaki
 Tower of PsalidaTower of Psalida
 Tower of OzolimnosTower of Ozolimnos
 Tower of PerigardikeiaTower of Perigardikeia
 Tower at PyrgoudiaTower at Pyrgoudia
 Tower of OrfanosTower of Orfanos
 Tower of SidirokafsiaTower of Sidirokafsia
 Clocktower of GiannitsaClocktower of Giannitsa
 Tower of MarmariTower of Marmari
 Tower of AgistroTower of Agistro
 Tower of Agia MarinaTower of Agia Marina
 Tower of AndronikosTower of Andronikos
 Tower of EfkarpiaTower of Efkarpia
 Tower of MaroTower of Maro
 Tower of ChandakasTower of Chandakas
 Lefkos PyrgosLefkos Pyrgos
 Tower of Agios VasileiosTower of Agios Vasileios
 Vrasna TowerVrasna Tower
 Tower of BourgasTower of Bourgas
 Tower of MalaxaTower of Malaxa
 Tower at VarsamakiaTower at Varsamakia
 Kornaros TowerKornaros Tower
 Tower of VainiaTower of Vainia
 Tower of AmbelaTower of Ambela
 Tower of Ancient ElefthernaTower of Ancient Eleftherna
 Towers of PaleopolisTowers of Paleopolis
 Apollonia towerApollonia tower
 Yperkalos towerYperkalos tower
 Clock tower of ArtaClock tower of Arta
 Peluso towerPeluso tower
 Tower of PityousTower of Pityous
 Dotia TowerDotia Tower
 Tower of Agios Georgios of VasilikaTower of Agios Georgios of Vasilika
 Tower of DamalasTower of Damalas
 Tower of OlymboiTower of Olymboi
 Tower of PiramaTower of Pirama
 Tower of PyrgiTower of Pyrgi
 Tower of TamarkouTower of Tamarkou
 Paliopyrgos of VrisaPaliopyrgos of Vrisa
 Tower of LisvorioTower of Lisvorio
 Tower of AnemodouriTower of Anemodouri
 Towers at TrikorfaTowers at Trikorfa
 Tower of RoussisTower of Roussis
 Tower of PaparisTower of Paparis
 Tower of Paleopyrgos in GortyniaTower of Paleopyrgos in Gortynia
 Palaiopyrgos of MytikasPalaiopyrgos of Mytikas
 Tower of Ai-LiaTower of Ai-Lia
 Tower of KaplakiTower of Kaplaki
 Paliopyrgos of DarasPaliopyrgos of Daras
 Paliopyrgas of TselepakosPaliopyrgas of Tselepakos
 Tower of KiveriTower of Kiveri
 Tower of Iria at St NicholaosTower of Iria at St Nicholaos
 Bourtzi of KechreesBourtzi of Kechrees
 Paliopyrgos of DafniPaliopyrgos of Dafni
 Tower of VasilopoulaTower of Vasilopoula
 Tower of Palia MonemvasiaTower of Palia Monemvasia
 Papadakos towerPapadakos tower
 Kastraki of KochyliKastraki  of Kochyli
 Tower of RigasTower of Rigas
 Tower of Agios PetrosTower of Agios Petros
 Cheimarros TowerCheimarros Tower
 Agia Marina TowerAgia Marina Tower
 Tower of VivlosTower of Vivlos
 Tower of DimiliaTower of Dimilia
 Tower of GlyfadaTower of Glyfada
 Tower of Agios LavrentiosTower of Agios Lavrentios
 Palaiokastro of LehoniaPalaiokastro of Lehonia
 Tower of Agios AchiliosTower of Agios Achilios
 Chalandritsa TowerChalandritsa Tower
 Tower of KallifonioTower of Kallifonio
 Koulia of kyra-VassilikiKoulia of kyra-Vassiliki
 Koulia of KanavosKoulia of Kanavos
 Kounoupeli TowerKounoupeli Tower
 Tower of LinistenaTower of Linistena
Mount Athos
 Paliopyrgos of KonstamonitouPaliopyrgos of Konstamonitou
 Paliopyrgos of Agios PavlosPaliopyrgos of Agios Pavlos
 Tower of PoulcheriaTower of Poulcheria
Piraeus & Islands
 Tower at AmpelakiaTower at Ampelakia
Eastern Attica
 Tower of LiadaTower of Liada
 Tower of Oinoe, MarathonTower of Oinoe, Marathon
 Tower of VarnavaTower of Varnava
 Tower of VravronaTower of Vravrona
 Tower of GaitanaTower of Gaitana
 Tower of Levidi hillTower of Levidi hill
 Tower of Oinoe in MegarisTower of Oinoe in Megaris
 Pyrgaki of AnavyssosPyrgaki of Anavyssos
 Old Tower of TatoiOld Tower of Tatoi
Western Attica
 Round Tower of VathychoriRound Tower of Vathychori
 Square Tower of VathychoriSquare Tower of Vathychori