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Castles, Towers and Fortresses of Greece

In Greece, there are more than 600 1000 Medieval Castles, Fortresses and Towers.

The mission of "Kastrologos" is to record all of them, eventually, with basic info and visual material

Kastrologos (www.kastra.eu) is a bilingual website about the Greek Medieval Castles. It is a work in progress. It will always be.

For the moment, 860 Greek castles are recorded in the site. For each castle, there is one dedicated page with data, pictures, maps and other information. There are many more castles to be added, but the most important ones are already here.

The initial concept was to deal with medieval constructions only. This changed, when it became clear that many well-known monuments of this kind would be left out (such as the "White Tower", "Palamidi" etc.). Hence, the database finally covers Greek castles from the Early Byzantine period (5th century A.D.) until the 19th century.

Ancient fortresses, which were abandoned before the beginning of the Middle Ages, are not included. There are plenty of those in Greece, but they are beyond the scope of this site. Also, out are recent fortifications built after the end of the 19th century.

This is a personal, non-profit project. It is also a huge one, considering the scarcity of time and resources. Moreover, there is an astonishing shortage of information -online and in bibliography- about Greek castles. Therefore, any input and any kind of contribution by the friends of the site (and of Castles) would be extremely valuable and welcomed.

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