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Agios Minas, Zagori, Ioannina,Epirus

Kastraki of Agios Minas

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Kastraki of Agios Minas
On a hill north of the village Agios Minas of Zagori over Voidomatis river in Epirus
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City of Zagori
• Agios Minas
Elevation ≈ 700 m 
(Relative Height≈200 m)
Time of Construction   Origin
Various periods  
Castle Type   Condition
In Ruins

Remains of an ancient fortress built in the Hellenistic period (probably early 3rd cent. BC) which remained in use until the late Byzantine period, on a hill named Kastraki or Kastritsa or Revnikio, north of the village Agios Minas of the Zagori region of Epirus.


It is believed that the castle was one of the castra pyrrhi i.e. the castles built by King Pyrrhus of Epirus in the early 3rd century BC (Smith W., 1854).

In the Byzantine period, the castle was useful to repel invasions from the tribes of the north while a medieval settlement named Revnikion was formed in the surrounding area. The castle and the settlement reached a peak in the years of the Despotate of Epirus, after the 13th century.

In late14th century the castle was occupied by Albanian warlords who had earned certain privileges from previous rulers of the Despotate. Then, around the end of the 14th century the Turks intervened in alliance with the Despot of Epirus Thomas Preloumbos who was struggling to expel the Albanians. The Turks captured the castle and destroyed it.

The area declined rapidly in the turbulent years that followed the final Ottoman conquest (1430). Finally, Revnikion was abandoned sometime after 1571.

Structure, Fortification & Buildings

The total length of the preserved parts of the walls is 253m. The area inside the walls was 18 hectares.

The maximum height of the walls is 5 meters. There are two openings which must have been the gates of the castle.

Outside the walls, there are scattered ruins from the settlement of Revnikion extending to an area of 52 hectares up to the village Agios Minas.


  • Information by Christos Stergiou. Photographes Eleni Tsirigoti
  • Picture of Evangelistria chapel from Panoramio user Vangelis Loukos

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