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Special Groups of Castles

Classification of the Greek castles in some other interesting groups and categories

Castles on desert islands

Castles on small, uninhabited (or almost uninhabited) Greek islands

Spinaloga spinaloga
Bourtzi of Nafplion bourtzi
Fortress of Gramvousa gramvousa
Fortress of Souda souda
Fortress of Panagia islet panagia
Monastery of Strofades strofades
Castle of Agios Nicolaos in Gaios paxoi
Bourtzi of Poros poros
Castle of Dokos dokos
Tower of Nisiotissa nisiotissa
Castle of Alimia alimia
Sokastro sokastro
Thodorou forts thodorou
Fortress in Daskalio daskalio
Tower on Archagelos islet arcagelislet
Castle of Alexander alexaner castle
Fortress of Othonoi othonoi fortress
Tower of Papanikolaou Papanikolaou fortress
Castle of Omvrios Omvrios
Vardiola of Agios Nikolaos Agios Nikolaos-Zakynthos
Monastery of Agios Andreas Monastery of Agios Andreas
Fortification of Meropi Fortification of Meropi
Vigla at Strovili Vigla at Strovili
Fort of Ro island Fort of Ro island
Peluso tower Peluso tower

Castles in high altitude

Castles built on high mountains, in altitude more than 800m

Argyrokastro 1450 m
Valtesiniko castle 1364 m
Krepakore castle 1340 m
Palaiokastro of Servou 1280 m
Tartaris Castle 1210 m
Castle of Tarsos 1210 m
Araklovo castle 1200 m
Castle of Oriondas 1175 m
Castle of Kalavryta 1170 m
Castle of Bezeniko 1150 m
Tower of Agia Triada in Zarouchla 1105 m
Castle of Ochia 1085 m
Goulas of Nestani 1070 m
Castle of Lazarou 1010 m
Castle of Spileo of Grevena 970 m
Castle of Kamara 975 m
Agios Georgios of Scorta 970 m
Xirokampi castle 970 m
Castle of Agridi 970 m
Paliokastro of Trikala 970 m
Castle of Karya 950 m
Castle of Spileo of Grevena 950 m
Castle of Loganikos 940 m
Trikorfa towers 930 m
Tower of Kalpaki 930 m
Paleopyrgos of Mytikas 900 m
Castle of Loggas 900 m
Paliopyrgas of Tselepakos 880 m
Tower of Kallifonio 865 m
Kteni castle 850 m
Castle of Davia 850 m
Gyclos Fort 850 m
Castle of Kastanitsa 845 m

Castles of "Oria"

Many castles in Greece have the alternative name "Kastro tis Orias" meaning "Castle of the Fair Lady". Some of them are in Kastrologos:

Castle of Amfissa amfisa
Castle of Kambia in Chios kambia
Castle of Kalavryta kalavryta
Castle of Ochia oxia
Xirokampi castle xirocamp
Garthiki castle in Messinia garthiki
Castle of Grizano grizano
Castle of Oleni in Pyrgos oleni
Castle of Kythnos kythnos
Thermisi thermisi
Gynaikokastro of Kilkis gynaikastro
Salmenico castle salmenico
Servia Castle servia
Krepakore Castle Κρεπακορε
Maronia Maronia
Castle of Poula Poula
Gynaikokastro of Neo Monastiri proerna
Castle of Oria (in Tempi valley) oria

Towers of Mani

In Mani there are around 800 traditional house-towers (and, in some cases, castle-houses). These are the unique "Mani Towers", which, as a rule, are not included here, in Kastrologos.

The excemption in this rule are those of them with a rich history or special architecture (resembling regular castles):

Castle of Grigorakides

Tower of Kapetanakis

Tower of Dourakis

Tower of Tzanetakis

Tower of Panteleakos

Tower of Mesiskli

Mavrikos tower

Tower of Kosonakos

Tower of Kitriniari-Xanthea

Tower of capetan Christea

  Agios Dimitrios
Goulades castle

Kapetanaki tower

  Mikri Mantineia
Kapetanaki 2
War Tower of Kapitsinos

Fort of Kavallierakis-Fokas

Tower of Lagoudis

Tower of Sklavounakos

  Pirgos Dirou
Tower of Tsikourios

Koumoundouros tower

Ketseas tower

  Ano Doloi

Castles - Prisons

Every respectable castle had its dudgeons. The list below refers to all castles that were used as state prisons during the 20th century.

The worst prison in Greece. From 1890 until the early 70's
From the foundation of the new Greek state until 1926. It housed the only guillotine ever operated in Greece.
The second worst Greek prison of all times. Operated from 1926 until 1960. It was demolished (the prison, not the entire castle) and the Xenia hotel was built in its place.
Intzedin fortress
The last death sentence in Greece was executed there (1972). Closed since 1974.
Fortress of Assos - Cefalonia
Prison farm since the late 20's. Later, a camp for political prisoners. Closed after the devastating earthquake of 1953.
Fortress of Margariti
A dreadful Turkish prison until 1911.
Castle of Pantokrator
The castle locally is known as "the prison of Pantokrator"
Fortress of Firkas
Operated as a prison since the Ottoman period until the Greek Civil war.
Niokastro of Pylos
Operated as a prison from the period of king Othon until 1941.
Castle of Rio
A prison from the early days of the modern Greek state, in 1831, until 1912.
Not exactly a prison. It was a leper colony. But sort of a prison. Operated from 1903 until 1957.

Neo-Gothic buildings

Finally, a special category of mansions in Greece with the ambition to look like castles but the are not castles. These are the remaining neogothic buildings which have their own page in Kastrologos.