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Verga, Kalamata, Messenia,Peloponnese

Wall of Verga

or Tambouri of Verga  
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Wall of Verga
In Verga (Almyros beach) 7 km east of Kalamata in Messinia, SW Peloponnese
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City of Kalamata
• Verga
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The wall is 7 km east of Kalamata at a coastal location. It was a fortification that was built hastily by the Maniates (the inhabitants of Mani) in 1826 to repel the forces of Ibrahim pasha.

The wall was named “Verga” meaning stick because it was long and narrow. At the same location, there was an older wall that was probably built also by the Maniates in the previous centuries to prevent Turks from entering their region. The settlement took the name “Verga” after the battle.

Location & Strategic Scope

The wall extended from the foot of a steep mountain to the sea, on a distance of approximately one mile. This point was the only easy passage from Kalamata to the region of Mani and it is considered the “gate of Mani”.


After the capture of Mesologi in April 1826, Ibrahim pasha decided to deal with the Maniates and arrived at Kalamata with an army of 7000 and a cavalry of 1500.

The fighters of Mani waited for him at the wall of Verga. The battle lasted 3 days in 22, 23 and 24 June 1826. The Muslim army was unable to overcome the resistance of the Greeks and eventually retreated with heavy losses.

It was the first failure of Ibrahim in his campaign in Peloponnese and one of the most important battles of the Greek Revolution.

Structure, Fortification & Buildings

The fortification of Verga was a simple, low-tech stone wall, 2m tall. Its length was around 1500 meters.There were two towers (one at each end) equipped with small canons.

Today only fragments of the wall remain as well as one of the towers.


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