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Thisvi, Thebes, Boeotia,Central Greece

Ancient tower of Thisvi

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Ancient tower of Thisvi
Inside the archaeological site of Thisvi in Boeotia
Region > Prefecture:   Greek Map
Central Greece
Municipality > Town:
City of Thebes
• Thisvi
Elevation ≈ 165 m 
(Relative Height≈0 m)
Time of Construction   Origin
Castle Type   Condition
Relatively Good

An ancient square tower in the archaeological site of Thisvi in Viotia. It is located inside the fortified part of the ancient city.

Although its origin is ancient, it is included in Kastrologos because, due to its prominent position and robust construction, it was used during the Middle Ages too. That is why there are signs of repairs since the Frankish period. In these repairs, materials and stones from the ancient city were used.

Structure, Fortification & Buildings

The dimensions of the tower are 6.10x6.10m. The thickness of the walls at th base is 1.36m; it gets thinner toward the top.

It is 7.20m tall but the ancient part stops at 4.5m. The rest is from the Frankish reconstruction.

The gate is at the center of the SE wall. It was opened in the Middle Ages removing a stone from the wall.


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