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Zografou, Nea Propontida, Chalkidiki,Central Macedonia

Tower of Zografou

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Tower of Zografou
Inside the village Zografou, 5 km north of Nea Moudania in Chalkidiki
Region > Prefecture:   Greek Map
Central Macedonia
Municipality > Town:
City of Nea Propontida
• Zografou
Elevation ≈ 67 m 
(Relative Height≈0 m)
Time of Construction   Origin
14th century  
Castle Type   Condition
Tower House  

The tower belongs to a complex which is a dependency of the Zografou monastery in mount Athos.

The construction date is not known exactly but it was built sometime after 1325, while in 1465 it was reported as destroyed. It was renovated much later, after 1568. It was destroyed again in 1597 and was rebuilt again in 1869. After that, it was used as a residence.

The layout is a rectangular 10.0mx9.3 m. It has 3 floors and its height today is 12 meters.


  • ΠΕΡΙΒΑΛΛΟΝΤΙΚΗ ΕΡΓΑΣΙΑ ΜΑΘΗΤΩΝ ΤΟΥ 2ου ΓΥΜΝΑΣΙΟΥ Ν. ΜΟΥΔΑΝΙΩΝ «Αγιορείτικα μετόχια του τόπου μου», Μάιος 2006-διαθέσιμο online.
  • Information by Mr. Ioannis Dedes

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Road map to Tower of Zografou

Approach to the monument:
From Moudania in Chalkidiki follow direction to Nea Triglia, on the old NR to Thessaloniki. After 8km you will find the village.
The tower is easily accessible but the entrance inside is not possible.

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