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Central Macedonia

 Castles of ThessalonikiCastles of Thessaloniki
 Lefkos PyrgosLefkos Pyrgos
 Tower of Agios VasileiosTower of Agios Vasileios
 Fortress of VardariFortress of Vardari
 Castle of RentinaCastle of Rentina
 Metochi of Agia AnastasiaMetochi of Agia Anastasia
 Tower of VasilikaTower of Vasilika
 Vrasna TowerVrasna Tower
 Castle of MavroudaCastle of Mavrouda
 Tower of BourgasTower of Bourgas
 Acropolis of SerresAcropolis of Serres
 Castle of ZichnaCastle of Zichna
 Sidirokastro CastleSidirokastro Castle
 Tower of Prodromos monasteryTower of Prodromos monastery
 Tower of MarmariTower of Marmari
 Tower of ChandakasTower of Chandakas
 Castle of NigritaCastle of Nigrita
 Tower of MaroTower of Maro
 Castle of Mandraki at KerkiniCastle of Mandraki at Kerkini
 Tower of EfkarpiaTower of Efkarpia
 Tower of AndronikosTower of Andronikos
 Tower of Agia MarinaTower of Agia Marina
 Tower of AgistroTower of Agistro
 Tower of MarianaTower of Mariana
 Tower of GalatistaTower of Galatista
 Ouranoupoli TowerOuranoupoli Tower
 Krouna TowerKrouna Tower
 Castle of LipsasdaCastle of Lipsasda
 Toroni CastleToroni Castle
 Wall of KassandreiaWall of Kassandreia
 Tower of SaniTower of Sani
 Tower of FokeaTower of Fokea
 Neposi CastleNeposi Castle
 Tower of SidirokafsiaTower of Sidirokafsia
 Tower of ChrysokamaroTower of Chrysokamaro
 Tower of Metochi of Nea TrigliaTower of Metochi of Nea Triglia
 Tower at PyrgoudiaTower at Pyrgoudia
 Tower of PerigardikeiaTower of Perigardikeia
 Tower of OzolimnosTower of Ozolimnos
 Tower of PsalidaTower of Psalida
 Tower of Madem AgaTower of Madem Aga
 Tower of KoutsakiTower of Koutsaki
 Tower of OrfanosTower of Orfanos
 Tower of ZografouTower of Zografou
 Castle of ChrysiCastle of Chrysi
 Clocktower of GiannitsaClocktower of Giannitsa
 Tower of GrammatikoTower of Grammatiko
 Walls of LoggosWalls  of Loggos
 Platamon CastlePlatamon Castle
 Castle of KitrosCastle of Kitros