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Grizano, Farkadona, Trikala,Thessaly

Fort of Grizano

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Fort of Grizano
On a hill 4 km north of Grizano village, near Trikala in Thessaly
Region > Prefecture:   Greek Map
Municipality > Town:
City of Farkadona
• Grizano
Elevation ≈ 410 m 
(Relative Height≈200 m)
Time of Construction   Origin
After 1897  
Castle Type   Condition
Small Fort  
Not Good

This was one of the Greek military outposts along the frontier line between the Greek state and the Ottoman empire. The liberation of Thessaly and the position of the joint border was confirmed by the treaty of Constantinople in 1881.


There were around 300 of such small forts, both Greek and Turkish, along the border line. After the Balkan wars (1912-1913), they became useless and were abandoned. Many of them remain in ruins until today.

Normally these forts, that were built in the form of small castles (especially the Ottoman ones) are not included in Kastrologos. They are too many and too recent. Only the fort of Grizano is presented, in this page, as a representative sample from this group.

The fort of Grizano was built by the Greeks after 1897. Until then, there was a Greek military outpost inside the neighboring Byzantine castle of Grizano. After the war of 1897, the borderline changed at this point and the Byzantine castle passed in Turkish soil, so the Greeks built this fort, which was bigger than the rest and served as the command center of the region.


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Road map to Fort of Grizano

Approach to the monument:
Grizano is 33 km from Trikala and 40 km from Larissa (it is located between the two cities). The castle is 4 km north of the village. A dirt road leads there from the village.
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