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Island Citadel

Castles in islands, primarily for the protection of the population from the pirates, which in most cases have developed into a picturesque small town
 Castle of SkyrosCastle of Skyros
 Kasteli of EmporeioKasteli  of Emporeio
 Castle of AmorgosCastle of Amorgos
 Kasteli of PyrgosKasteli of Pyrgos
 Castle of KimolosCastle of  Kimolos
 Castle of AntiparosCastle of Antiparos
 Citadel of OiaCitadel of Oia
  Castle of Parikia Castle of Parikia
 Castle of SerifosCastle of Serifos
 Castle of Kastro of SifnosCastle of Kastro of Sifnos
 Castle of AstypalaiaCastle of Astypalaia
 Castle of Chora of KalymnosCastle of Chora of Kalymnos
 Castle of LerosCastle of Leros
 Mandraki CastleMandraki Castle
 Castle of Megalo ChorioCastle of Megalo Chorio
 Castle of SymiCastle of Symi
 Castle of EmporeiosCastle of Emporeios
 Castle of Mikro Chorio of TelosCastle of Mikro Chorio of Telos
 Castle of SkopelosCastle of Skopelos