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Oinoe, Marathon, Eastern Attica,Attica

Tower of Oinoe, Marathon

or Otto de la Roche's tower  
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Tower of Oinoe, Marathon
Oinoe area, west of Marathon, on the road to the lake, Attica
Region > Prefecture:   Greek Map
Eastern Attica
Municipality > Town:
City of Marathon
• Oinoe
Elevation ≈ 85 m 
Time of Construction   Origin
around 1250  
Castle Type   Condition

A medieval tower that was built around 1250 by the Frankish lord of Athens Guy I de la Roche.

Guy de la Roche was the son of Otto de la Roche, a Burgundian nobleman from La Roche-sur-l'Ognon who was one of the knights who participated in the Fourth Crusade (which ended with the capture of Constantinople in 1204).

The title of Otto was “Lord of Athens” ( Sire d'Athenes) although he proclaimed himself Duke of Athens, a title that became official only in 1260.

The purpose of the tower was to guard the lands of the Frankish lord (who could be de La Roche or a vassal of his).


  • Info and Photographs by Mr. Ioannis Dedes.
  • Info and Photographs by Mr. Giannis Gekas.

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Road map to Tower of Oinoe, Marathon

Approach to the monument:
Access to the surrounding area is free. The access to the upper floors is not possible.

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