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The Greek Castles by Historic Origin

The «Historic Origin» is defined by the rulers of the castle in the historic period in which the castle obtained its current form, the one that is more or less preserved until today.


Castles that were built or reconstructed by the "Latin" conquerors after the Fall of Constantinople in 1204
 Fortification of Dafni MonasteryFortification of Dafni Monastery
 Castle of AktaionCastle of Aktaion
 Castle of KleisouraCastle of Kleisoura
 Tower of NisiotissaTower of Nisiotissa
 Tower of TriadaTower of  Triada
 Tower of RoviesTower of Rovies
 Castle of FyllaCastle of Fylla
 Fortress of KarystosFortress of Karystos
 Castle of KastelliaCastle of Kastellia
 Tower of LilaiaTower of Lilaia
 Tower of Madamia in PolydrosoTower of Madamia in Polydroso
 Tower of TolofonTower of Tolofon
 Castle of VelouhovoCastle of Velouhovo
 Castle of AmfissaCastle of Amfissa
 Tower of AmfikleiaTower of Amfikleia
 Domokos CastleDomokos Castle
 Tower of KynosTower of Kynos
 Acropolis of AchinosAcropolis of Achinos
 Castle of MendenitsaCastle of Mendenitsa
 Tower of AkontioTower of Akontio
 Round Tower of ThisviRound Tower of Thisvi
 Tower of TatizaTower of Tatiza
 Tower of SiziTower of Sizi
 Tower of PyrgosTower of Pyrgos
 Tower of PyliTower of Pyli
 Tower of PlataeaTower of Plataea
 Tower of ParorioTower of Parorio
 Tower of ParalimniTower of Paralimni
 Medieval tower of PanopeasMedieval tower of Panopeas
 Medieval tower of PanaktonMedieval tower of Panakton
 Tower of KoroniaTower of Koronia
 Tower of AskriTower of Askri
 Castle of ArmaCastle of Arma
 Tower of ThourioTower of Thourio
 Tower of Saint OmerTower of Saint Omer
 Fort of Panagia islandFort of Panagia island
 Agia Mavra CastleAgia Mavra Castle
 Estella CastleEstella  Castle
 Valtesiniko CastleValtesiniko Castle
 Castle of Agios Georgios of ScortaCastle of Agios Georgios of Scorta
 Tower of RoussisTower of Roussis
 Tower of PaparisTower of Paparis
 Tower of Paleopyrgos in GortyniaTower of Paleopyrgos in Gortynia
 Tower of Ai-LiaTower of Ai-Lia
 Palaiokastro of leonidioPalaiokastro of leonidio
 Castle of KamaraCastle of Kamara
 Tower of KaplakiTower of Kaplaki
 Castle of GardikiCastle of Gardiki
 Castle of AcovaCastle of Acova
 Castle of KarytainaCastle of Karytaina
 Castle of Paralio AstrosCastle of Paralio Astros
 Gyclos FortGyclos Fort
 Castle of LernaCastle of Lerna
 Vasilikata castleVasilikata castle
 Paliokasto of TrikalaPaliokasto of Trikala
 Castle of PolyfengoCastle of Polyfengo
 Tower of Magoula of PasioTower of Magoula of Pasio
 Castle of FocasCastle of Focas
 Castle of Mount EscouveCastle of Mount Escouve
 Castle of PenteskoufiCastle of Penteskoufi
 Castle of Agios VasileiosCastle of Agios Vasileios
 Agionorio CastleAgionorio Castle
 Tower of EleaTower of Elea
 Koulentianos towerKoulentianos tower
 Castle of VordoniaCastle of Vordonia
 Tower of Fonias in MarathiaTower of Fonias in Marathia
 Passavas CastlePassavas Castle
 Castle of GerakiCastle of Geraki
 Castle of SpitaliCastle of Spitali
 Castle of DebridgeCastle of Debridge
 Kastraki of KochyliKastraki  of Kochyli
 Castle of LefktroCastle of Lefktro
 Castle of Archangelos of MessiniaCastle of Archangelos of Messinia
 Castle of KrebeniCastle of Krebeni
 Saflaouro CastleSaflaouro Castle
 Castle of MilaCastle of Mila
 Castle of AndrousaCastle of Androusa
 Castle of KalamataCastle of Kalamata
 Castle of KyparissiaCastle of Kyparissia
 Castle of AgridiCastle of Agridi
 Castle of TartarisCastle of Tartaris
 Sidirokastro in AchaeaSidirokastro in Achaea
 Castle of SantameriCastle of Santameri
 Castle of SalmenicoCastle of Salmenico
 Tower of KallifonioTower of Kallifonio
 Castle of KalavrytaCastle of Kalavryta
 Chalandritsa TowerChalandritsa Tower
 Glarentza CastleGlarentza Castle
 Castle of TheisoaCastle of Theisoa
 Castle of SmernaCastle of Smerna
 Castle of PaliakoumpaCastle of Paliakoumpa
 Tower of LinistenaTower of Linistena
 Kounoupeli TowerKounoupeli Tower
 Goumero CastleGoumero Castle
 Crepacore CastleCrepacore Castle
Piraeus & Islands
 Castle of KokkiniaCastle of Kokkinia
 Tower at AmpelakiaTower at Ampelakia
 Fortification of ChorizaFortification of Choriza
Eastern Attica
 Tower of GaitanaTower of Gaitana
 Pyrgari of KalamosPyrgari of Kalamos
 Tower of Oinoe in MegarisTower of Oinoe in Megaris
 Old Tower of TatoiOld Tower of Tatoi
 Tower of LiadaTower of Liada
 Tower of Oinoe, MarathonTower of Oinoe, Marathon
 Tower of VarnavaTower of Varnava
 Tower of VravronaTower of Vravrona
Western Attica
 Tower of AspropyrgosTower of Aspropyrgos